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Leavening Agent

Substance causing expansion of doughs and batters by the release of gases within such mixtures, producing baked products with porous structure. Such agents include air, steam, yeast, baking powder, and baking soda. Gluten, the elastic protein of flour, may also be whipped to produce a foam, as in beaten biscuits. Leavening may be achieved by the process of fermentation, which releases carbon dioxide gas. Bakers’ yeast. Tripathi Products Private Limited brings you good quality Leavening agent such Baking Powder at an affordable price. 

Baking Powder 100gm Baking Powder 100gm
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Brand: Tripathi Products Model: Leavening Agent
Baking Powder Premium Quality 100 grams Baking Powder to make Cakes, Dhokla and many more This Baking Powder are packed with 100 grams weight. They can be used in cakes, Dhokla and many more. This is double acting Leaving agent This is vegetarian product Content The pack contains 100 grams of B..
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