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Step by Step guide to setup hydroponics system
Hydroponics Nov 30, -0001

Following steps are recommended for setting up hydroponics system:

First step in setting up any hydroponics system is to decide the plants or plants mix. typically plants require light, nutrients and air for its growth a good pest management system should be implemented for plants health. Decision of type Plants influence type of system and spacing. It is always advisable to setup hydroponics system in enclosed space. Some of the combination could be an alternate row short height plants and vine type plants.

Second step is assembly of hydroponics system. The arrangement will be influenced by type of hydroponics system such as NFT or deep water etc. Any system is good as long as nutrient are supplied to the roots in required quantity and ph of water is maintained with out too much variation and roots also get sufficient oxygen and does not get light as roots dislike light.

Third step is to Mix nutrient in tank provided in the system and start the circulation of nutrient solution.

Fourth step is plantation of saplings or seeds in the growth tube typically a net pot filled with inert material such as perlite or vermiculite is needed to support the plant in netpots.

Fifth step is monitoring of system for pest and growth of plant. Scientific method of monitoring is important for good growth and harvest.