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<h1>Refund policy</h1>

<p>You can return some items you purchased on, depending on the

category of product. If you used same day delivery or free in-store pickup when you purchased your item and the seller accepts returns,

return the item directly to the store where you purchased it.</p>

<p><b>Cancellation before shipment:</b></p>

<p>If the order or the item(s) that you want to cancel have not been shipped yet, you

can write to our customer support team on [email protected].</p>

<p>In such cases, the order will be cancelled and the money will be refunded to you

within 24-48 business hours after the cancellation request.</p>


<p><b>Cancellation post shipment:</b></p>

<p>If you wish to cancel an order that has been shipped but has not yet been delivered,

please get in touch with our Customer Support team on [email protected]



<li>In case you have cancelled an order, which has already been handed over to

the courier company on our end, they may still attempt delivery.

Kindly do not accept the delivery of the order.


<li>Once we receive the product(s) back and verify its packaging/condition, we

will refund your money within 24-48 business hours.</li>


<p><b>Refund process for the cancelled orders and duration</b></p>


<p>In case of cancellation before shipment, we process the refund within 24-48

business hours after receiving the cancellation request.</p>

<p>In case of cancellation once the shipment has already been dispatched or if it

is being returned, we process the refund once the products have been

received and verified at our warehouse. 


<p>For payments done through credit/debit cards or net banking, the refund will be processed to the same account from which the payment was made within

24-48 business hours of us receiving the products back. It may take 2-3 additional business days for the amount to reflect in your account.</p>

<p>For cash on delivery transactions, we will initiate a bank transfer against the refund amount against the billing details shared by you. This process

will be completed within 24-48 business hours of us receiving the products back and your bank details on email. It will take an

additional 2-3 business days for the amount to reflect in your account.</p>

<p>In addition, we also provide the hassle-free option of refund through Tripathiproducts coupons, which can be used during future purchases.</p>

<p><b>Replacement of Item</b></p>

<p>Not all items are available for replacement</p>


<p><b>Policy related to discount vouchers or loyalty points during time of payment on cancelled order</b></p>


<li>Discount vouchers are intended for one-time use only and shall be treated as used even if you cancel the order.</li>

<li>If you had redeemed loyalty points for an order, the same will be credited back to your account in the case of a cancellation.</li>