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Changing trends in children’s apparel market in India
Nov 30, -0001
Children’s apparel market in India has seen some very big changes taking place recently. The rapid growth of kid’s wears market and fast changing trends have been a pleasant surprise. Children’s clothes have now become an equally important part of Indian markets. Surprisingly, this industry is growing at 10 per cent per year which surely is quite an impressive and promising figure. These days children select what they wish to buy as they are well informed about latest trends. The increase in peer group pressure, influence of media and marketing are some of the factors which highly influence the buying decision of the kids. The companies have been able to anticipate and understand these changing trends in the market and offer most vibrant, vivacious, colourful and versatile variety in kids clothing. They have best of the designs and latest patterns to allure shoppers. Another important thing to keep in mind is that your child should have balanced wardrobe which means there are vibrant Indian kids wear, trendy party wear dresses, casual wear and formal clothing in it. With a synchronized closet, you will never feel short of clothes for dressing up your princess. Tripathi Products Pvt. Ltd. has launched their brand Nistaksh for kids clothing. You can checkout the collection in here You can also checkout our collection at