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Confusion between Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian Gelatin
About Ingredient Nov 30, -0001

Many people ask whether you provide veg gelatin or non veg gelatin. This question actually means that people does not have complete knowledge about the products, However they have some knowledge about benefits of gelatin. This ignorance is well exploited by unscrupulous seller and even sometimes big organization as well.

Gelatin is an animal product which means that raw material or initial manufacturing starts with animal parts. There is no such terms veg gelatin as gelatin can not be made from anything else other than animal bones skins etc. There are however some substitutes such Agar Agar and Carrageenan. These have similar gelling properties however they are totally different product.

Gelatin has protein as principal constituent whereas Agar Agar or Carrageenan has carbohydrates as principal constituent. Apart from this gelatin has some important amino acids which are useful for joint pains and arthritis. If you compare the nutritional profile of both the materials you will find yourself the difference.

I can provide the nutritional profile of both the products. However it will be enjoyable if you yourself research over google and many other sites and then come to the conclusion.

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