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Nitrogen deficiency Symptoms in Plants
Nov 30, -0001

Plants need right mix of nutrient for healthy growth and higher yield. When plants suffer deficiency it shows symptom of being unhealthy. Deficiency or excess of nutrients can cause problems in plants. Deficiency of nutrient can also be influenced by other condition such as ph of solution around root, temperature of solution around roots, Thus nutrient may be available but roots are not able to take it. Nitrogen is consumed by plants in the form Nitrate and Ammonium both of these forms are important for plant growth.


Nitrogen deficiency will be shown in plants by yellowing of older leaves and color of leaves changes from green to pale green.  Reduction of Nitrogen results in reduced protein content which results in stunted growth and reduced yields. Plants generally shift the nitrogen content from older leaves to younger leaves, which is in a way plants action on the deficiency. Stems, petioles may turn purple.

Nitrogen toxicity will result in plants leaves becoming dark green and in early stages it will abundant with foliage. Roots will be under developed. Fruits and flowers will be deformed.

Nitrogen content in plant is closely related to chlorophyll content. hence measurement of chlorophyll using any of the meters or through chemical method should be used.
We provide Nitrogen fertilizers such as Potassium Nitrate and Mono Ammonium Phosphate. We also provide Hydroponics nutrients such as Leafy for leafy vegetable, Growth for Growth phase of plants, Flowering for Flowering stage and fruiting for fruiting stage of the plants.